About our designs:

This company was born on being a landscape design and build company in 1979. The founder Rick Hente is the landscape designer. His multi-decade experience and ability to listen to your wants will result in a design that is based on reality and within budget. He knows what plant varieties are commonly available in the St. Louis area aswell as what works well in this climate. His designs are intended to look great, not only upon newly completed, but also 10+ years later.Two of the most common compliments we hear about Rick is how people trust him and how over all other designers he actually listened.

About our installs:

Designing is just part of the landscape story of your house. There is so much more that will go into your landscaping than what you will see. This includes countless actions of care getting you the best landscape install possible.So what are some of these countless actions and standard features? For starters, every plant we use is hand picked. We don’t simply grab 15 boxwoods. We grab the BEST 15 boxwoods in the group. If there are only 12 good boxwoods we will source elsewhere or wait for better to arrive. We source the bulk of our plant material from a great top notch local wholesaler/grower with generally fantastic plant stock, but we will inconvenience ourselves to get you the best when they don’t offer it.Secondly, we use a top notch rated weed barrier fabric on all decorative rock. The stuff is thick, heavier, rated for 30-years, and harder to work with. But that is what it takes for a great long lasting result.

Third, all jobs come standard with a germicide to control weed growth installed under the mulch. This is simply a series of plant hormones that prevent seed germination. While not wholly effective, we notice it does cut down on the amount of weeds in the beds.

Fourth, all plants are installed with care. They are not simply dug into the ground. Each plant has a “better side” and we face that side where is can be best viewed by a human rather than a brick wall. Additionally plants are installed at a depth conscious of its longevity.

Fifth, our edges are cut to perfection with a spade… The old fashioned way. It is harder, more labor intensive, and time consuming, but makes for a fantastic edge compared to motorized methods. Be the edge a simple spade cut, plastic, metal, natural stone, or bricks, it will have a great gentle flow that would impress a 17th century artist.

Last to be mentioned but not the whole story is Rick, the lead designer, owner operator of Hente Gardens will visit the project weeks and months after completion as a type of quality control. He’ll let you know of any plants are becoming dry, and keep a watchful eye for any problems. We do our best to notice and fix concerns before you do