This company has been installing sod for decades. This means you can expect without fail a professional installation. Elements of a professional installation include: every sod piece will be tightly fitted against other sods pieces. Also, sod will be watered and rolled to ensure proper soil contact. Additionally, we perform a 811 call prior, and do our best to avoid harming utilities, irrigation, and invisible dog fence.

We use a top quality sod sourced from a local sod farm near the Mississippi River with roots dating back to 1951. Grass varieties are tuned for St. Louis area weather and will do great once established.

Whether your interest in sod is in a whole new lawn or just removing a stump and returning the area to turf, we are here and ready.

A complimentary sprinkler well suited for the watering task is provided to assist you with watering newly installed sod.

Additionally, majority of our sod installs relate to solving a drainage problem a client is contesting with. If you’re not experiencing water issues, then rest assured our experience and attention to where the water is going to flow will prevent any such issues from arising.