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About Hente Gardens:
We are a landscape design and build company with 36 years of quality workmanship and satisfied clients.

What sets us apart from other landscape companies is our deliberate goal of providing the best quality work possible with your budget in mind. We have no interest in growing into a multimillion dollar landscaping conglomerate but rather find genuine enjoyment remaining a local artisan like company, focused on quality.

From right to left: Rick Hente, Joseph Hente, Billy Russel, Jason Smith

Our focus on quality isn't marketing fluff, it is real.

Our estimates are free, we provide a one year guarantee on all plants & hardscapes provided they receive proper care, and we look forward to meeting you.

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About Rick,
Your Landscape Designer:

At 12 years old (1966) Rick got his first job at a nursery in Florissant. After graduating high school he became supervisor of the retail side of that nursery. After becoming bored with the retail aspect, he asked the owner to try the installation side of the business as a laborer. It didn't take him long after that to becoming foreman of his own installation crew.

His demanding insistence on doing the job right and beautiful the first time escalated into the formation of Hente Gardens, Inc. in 1979.

Rick is very knowledgeable on just about everything landscape related. Just try to find something he doesn't have the answer to.

Rick will be very involved during the install ensuring the end result is what you want.

Outside of landscaping, you can find Rick flying RC planes, volunteering every Tuesday at St. Luke's Hospital, and involved within his church.

About Joe:
Joe has been with the company since 2008 and is involved with the installation side of the business. While not artistically gifted as his father Rick, you'll find he is just as much of a perfectionist delivering the finished landscaping you want. Expect to see him excited over hardscaping and solving drainage problems. He has a background in accounting, IT, and uniquely in raising and butchering free range pastured chickens. MBTI type is INTJ.
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